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So you’re thinking about going solar, and you’re weighing out the benefits verses cost, return on investment, and investment verses reduction in power bill.  You’ve come to the conclusion that solar power is a great fit for you, however another thing to take into consideration when making the decision to go solar is whether your home is a great fit for solar.  Do solar panels for your home make sense?

A few things that affect the efficiency of a solar power system on your roof.


Which way is your roof facing?  While you can install solar on any face of your roof the most effective is the south facing roof.  South facing roofs will produce the most energy.  Southeast and southwest facing panels are also efficient and produce sufficient power.  The next best options when a south facing surface is not an option are east and west exposure roofs.  Solar panels that aren’t facing directly true south are still able to produce significant amounts of electricity, especially in Utah where we have a high sunlight rating.

Utah averages 5 full sun hours a day annually.  Arizona and New Mexico get 5.5.


west facing solar panels


Is your roof shaded or guarded by trees or other structures?  How much sun is your roof getting without obstruction?  Trees, buildings, chimneys, are all possible shade creators.  The best hours of the day for full sun are between 9:00 Am and 3:00 PM.  Do you know how much sun your roof is getting between those hours?  Because the sun is lower in winter than it is in the summer obstructions might cause more shade in the winter than they do in the summer months.

The best hours of the day for full sun are between 9 AM and 3 pm.


utah solar panels

Obstructions and Surface Area

Is your surface area free from obstructions and obstacles allowing for easy placement of solar panel arrays?  Skylights, vents, dormers, turrets, vent pipes, and other obstructions will limit the options for solar panel placement.  You can measure your own roof to get an idea of the total area by going to google maps and looking at your home from a birds eye view.  For each kilowatt of power your solar power system needs you will need 100 square feet of unobstructed space on your roof.  Integrated Solar Solutions will do the math for you and engineer the best layout for your particular roof.


Age of your roof

How old is your roof?  A solar power system installed by Integrated Solar Solutions can last for 25 to 40 years so you will want to be sure your roof is in good shape and won’t need to be replaced before your solar panels wear out.  If your shingles are cracked or in poor condition you may want to replace your roof before installing solar.


Angle of your Roof

Is your roof flat or sloped?  The best angle of roof for optimal solar panel power production is between 30 and 40 degrees.  When panels are sloped at 15 degrees or more they will keep themselves clean as snow, dust, and debris will easily slide off.  Steep roofs at more than 40 degrees will not produce energy as efficiently.



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