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As energy costs and consumption continue to rise it is no wonder more and more Utah residents are investing in their own power and going solar.  As you drive down any Utah road you are likely to see several homes with solar panels installed on their roofs.  Utah residents are becoming more educated and aware of the benefits of solar and are becoming smarter shoppers as they compare solar installers when choosing to go solar.


The Average Cost of Going Solar in Utah

Over the past 5 years the cost to install solar has decreased by 60 percent.  The average cost of going solar in Utah after rebates and incentives is around $16,000.00.  When you consider the many things you can do to a home to improve it’s value, such as remodel a kitchen, update bathrooms, or turn your basement family room into a theater room, going solar should be on your list of To Do’s as well.  The best part about improving your home with solar is it will actually save you money over time.  This makes going solar a more realistic power option for the average home owner.  Having a solar power system on your roof increases your property value on average by 3 percent.


Is Going Solar a Wise Investment?

With the increase in interest in residential solar power comes the increase in competition to install that system for you.  Utah neighborhoods are being frequented by solar sales people and many residents are getting more educated about their options and how to determine if solar is not only an affordable option for them but also a wise investment based on the conditions of their home.  Integrated Solar Solutions helps customers determine if solar is a good investment for them and the potential return on investment for each individual solar power installation.  We help customers take advantage of federal and state incentives and tax credits for going solar.

When considering going solar in Utah be sure to get a free quote from Integrated Solar Solutions!