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Project Information

This job started after Integrated Communications wired up a brand new hot tub the Christensen’s purchased. We let them know about the benefits of solar and how it could help lower their power bill especially with the increased power usage the hot tub would consume.  After a few meetings with Integrated Solar Solution’s solar specialist we came to an arrangement on a solar system that would best meet the Christensen’s power energy needs.  In addition to the solar panel system we also installed LED lighting free of charge to help reduce power consumption, a solar-powered attic fan to help reduce air conditioning costs in the summer, and we installed a SolarEdge Inverter system leaving their house ready for the Tesla wall pack when it becomes available.

Integrated Solar Solutions understands that each home is different and everyone’s energy needs are different.  Contact our solar specialists to find how we can best help you go solar today and reduce your energy costs.

Project Details

Location Bountiful, Utah
Date  January 2016
Type Residential
Size 6.16 kW

Watts Installed


Total Energy Replacement

Government Incentive Savings

Return On Investment (years)

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